Got Questions?

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Where is the best place to set inflatable jump houses?

The ideal & safest location would be on a level-grassy area. Jump houses could also be set up on any level surface (grass, asphalt, concrete or artificial grass) as long as the areas is free of debris and any obstacles. For protection, our skilled staff will set up a tarp underneath each unit that is placed on asphalt, concrete or artificial grass.

How much space or area do I need?

Due to the fact that Jump Houses vary in sizes and shapes, the space needed will depend on the jumper chosen for the event. Please be sure to consult with one of our Customer Service Representatives on your specific jumper’s dimension and space needed.

NOTE: that jumpers must be set up away from trees, power lines, pools or other things that could cause harm to the participants.

Do you deliver to parks?

Yes, we deliver to most city and county parks. Please check with STAR Jumpers’ Customer Service Representative for specific park information.

NOTE: a generator will be needed (additional cost will be added to order).

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully licenses and insured. Proof of insurance is available upon request.

Is there a total weight limit allowed in the Jumper?

Yes. Each Bounce House has different capacities. Please check with your delivery representative as each Jumper varies in weight capacity.

Weather policy?

If the weather is unsuitable (i.e. rain & winds over 15 mph), Star Jumpers reserve the right to cancel your order. You may also cancel your order at no charge if the weather causes a hindrance to your party.

NOTE: if you take delivery of the Jumper, full payment is due.

How can I pay?

We accept cash, credit cards and check upon drop-off.

Do you require a deposit?

A deposit is not required. Payment is due upon delivery.

NOTE: a surcharge will be added on credit card payments.

Are the Jumper cleaned regularly?

We clean our Jumpers after every use by vacuuming and sanitizing the unit.

Is there a cleaning charge?

A cleaning charge is not required for routine cleaning. If excessive cleaning is required due to negligence, a cleaning fee will be charged to your order.

Can I pickup the jumper or other party rentals myself?

We apologize but for safety reasons, our experienced staff will need to deliver all party rentals to the event’s destination. We are very flexible and will work to meet your schedule.

What kind of power do I need for the Jumpers?

Most of our Jumpers require a 110V outlet. The outlet must be strictly dedicated to the Jumper. If a power source is not available, we will be happy to provide a generator for an additional cost.

Do we have to keep the unit plugged in the whole time?

Yes. If the power is turned off, the unit will immediately deflate. Please keep the unit “on” from the time of delivery until the time of the pickup so the Jumper does not deflate and risk injury to participants.

Is there a delivery and pickup charge?

For customers within the San Diego North Country area, delivery and pick up are free of charge. For customers in remote locations, a surcharge may be charged.